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Andrés García e hijos, S.L.

A company founded in 1978 by Mr Andrés García Herce and later converted into a private limited company in 1991 when all the members of the family joined the firm.

The factory is located in Quel, municipality of Rioja Baja, in the valley of the Cidacos River. It is dedicated to growing, drying, packaging and subsequent marketing of produce, both in Spain and in some European countries.

We specialize in dried peppers, chillies, Ñora red peppers, tomatoes and prunes, etc. In addition to preserves such as red pepper flesh, Ñora flesh, whole preserved peppers, etc.

Our company’s goal is to provide all our customers with the best service and highest quality throughout our range.

To that end, our farmers carefully grow the seedlings supplied by the nursery using the seeds from products previously hand-picked by us and specially selected for the highest quality.

The particular climate and sun of this region give these products the colours and flavours that distinguish them and permit them to undergo the drying process.

This process is carried out with painstaking care, controlling the appropriate temperature and moisture levels for each product.

Our products are available in several forms: bunches, pouches, jars, tubs, dispensing bags, etc. We adapt to the needs of our customers and following the company's firm commitment to maximum quality and service.

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